Preserving Our Unity

The loving fellowship of a united church family is truly a gift from God!

by Cecil Sanders on August 24, 2022

Sunday Worship: Last Sunday’s gathering of the body of Christ was tremendous. We enjoyed exuberant and reverent worship through music as Bro. Tim and our gifted musicians led all of us in songs of praise. Our brothers and sisters on the platform are not performing a concert for us to spectate. Rather, they are employing their gifts to lead every person to participate in worship. Last Sunday, we also delighted in hearing, receiving, and applying God’s Word on ‘preserving our unity’ from Ephesians 4. One other pleasure was observing the number of God’s people who after the service lingered to ‘love on’ one an-other. After our dismissal, brothers and sisters demonstrated their loving unity by not rushing out the doors and off to lunch. I saw many FBChristians standing together inside the Worship Center and in the Foyer listening intently and engaging one another in meaningful, encouraging, ‘other-centered’ conversation. The loving fellowship of a united church family is truly a gift from God! It’s life giving, joy producing, and God glorifying!

Wednesday Prayer: We devote Wednesday nights to corporate prayer. We believe in prayer because pray-er brings us into alignment with God’s will and brings us to the surrender of our own will. A prayerless church is not an authentic church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Going through the motions of church life without prayer characterizes a manmade church which does not need God. Such prayerlessness is merely religion and is powerless. Here at FBCH we know how dependent we are upon our Lord Jesus. That’s why we pray. I hope you’ll join us this Wednesday!

Cecil Sanders

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