Missed It By That Much!

It’s common for familiarity to lead to forgottenness.

by Cecil Sanders on April 12, 2022

“Did you see it?”, asked a church member. “Brother Cecil, did you see the sign?” “What sign?” I replied. “The sign on the Headland Square”, he explained. “You know, our church sign there on the corner near the bank.” Regrettably, I admitted I had not. Even though I drove right by the location only minutes earlier I did not notice the new First Baptist Church Sign on the Headland Square. He opened his photos on his phone and showed me our church’s new sign.

How did I miss it? Why did I not notice this new sign? Probably, because the old sign was so familiar it was forgotten. Our church has had a directional sign on the Headland Square for decades. It’s been a fixture there as I long as I can remember. I’ve known it was there, but I’ve stopped noticing it.

How many Easters have you and I celebrated? How familiar are we with the events of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection? It’s common for familiarity to lead to forgottenness. Has our familiarity with the Easter events blinded us to the point of forgetting the grandeur of Jesus’ victory over sin, death, hell, Satan and the grave? I surely hope not.

As we progress through Holy Week to Easter Sunday, let us all return to the Bible’s accounts of Jesus’ passion and resurrection. Let’s take time this week to read the last chapters of any of the gospel writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John – with our families. Ask the Holy Spirit for help in reading and pondering the narrative with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. If we do so, we will see, experience, enjoy and worship Jesus anew. We’ll arrive full of praise which Jesus deserves this coming Easter morning. Let’s not miss Him!

I can’t wait to celebrate our Risen Savior with you!

Cecil Sanders

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