Happy New Year

Every Christian needs regular encouragement from God’s Word and God’s People.

by Cecil Sanders on August 04, 2022

Not in Times Square or along the Rose Parade or on Bowl Game gridirons, but here at First Baptist Church it’s a brand new year. Several years ago, in view of the seasonal nature of our ministries, our church decided to align our church year with the school year. We begin our year on August 1st each year to coincide with the beginning of school. Each year as a church we have fall season, a spring season and a summer season of ministry.

This Sunday, August 7th, is our ‘Kick Off’ Sunday for the new church year. Our children’s and students’ Sunday School classes promote and our new committees begin their year of service. We look forward to highlighting, introducing, and praying for these ministries in the Sunday Morning Service. Immediately following the Worship Service, we will enjoy a church-wide meal together in the Ministry Center. Please sign up by Wednesday so that we may prepare food for you and your family!

On Wednesday, August 10th, all mid-week ministries resume for all ages. I believe gathering with your church family in the middle of the week is beneficial to the spiritual growth of your family. Every Christian needs regular encouragement from God’s Word and God’s People. For adults not in choir, I invite you to join our Adult Bible Study and Prayer time at 6:00 PM. Over the summer, we have enjoyed refreshing seasons of united prayer for God’s blessing upon our church and its members. I hope you and your family will join us for supper each Wednesday beginning at 5:00 PM and then find each one’s respective place for spiritual growth and ministry.

I’m excited for the new blessings God has for us in this New Year ahead!

Cecil Sanders

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