It's easy and customary for all of us to move through life consumed with ourselves.

by Cecil Sanders on January 11, 2023

In reading the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life I’m especially drawn to verses which reveal the heart of our Savior. One quality of Jesus’ heart is compassion. Both Matthew and Mark record that Jesus was ‘moved with compassion’ (Matt. 15:32; Mark 1:41). And Mark tells us Jesus ‘felt compassion’ (Mark 6:34). Jesus’ heart experienced compassion when He looked upon His people. Jesus’ heart was moved in loving interest and concern for those He came to serve.

Christ-followers like you and me seek to become more like Him. We agree with Paul that, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20). As you and I grow as Christians, the compassion of Jesus who lives in us should become ours. When we look upon people, we should be ‘moved with compassion’. Disciples of Christ take the time to know others on a personal level. When we engage on the heart level with others, we become acquainted with their families, their joys and concerns, their hopes, and their struggles. Our hearts unite with their hearts. We bond. We love. We care. We have compassion.

So…on the scale of 1 to 10 what does the compassion meter of your heart read today? Are you thinking about others? Do you know what the members of your Sunday School class are facing today? Have you prayed for them? Will you reach out to inquire of them today via a text or call? Some are grieving. Others are ill themselves. Some are rejoicing. And others are anxious. Let this move your heart with compassion. What about those around you who have no relationship with or interest in Jesus? Do you feel compassion for them because they are lost and perishing without Christ’s salvation? Will you intercede for them and share Jesus with them?

It's easy and customary for all of us to move through life consumed with ourselves. Jesus leads us to look up out of ‘self’ to see our neighbor and serve him or her with compassion.

“Let me see this world, dear Lord, through Your eyes…”

Cecil Sanders

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