Your Plan for Spiritual Growth


First Baptist Church exists “To Glorify God by Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.”  This is our God-ordained mission.  For this to occur, all FBC believers must embrace this  mission personally.  Each person must be  growing in his or her relationship with Christ and service for Christ.  We all understand that spiritual growth requires intentionality.  If you PLAN TO GROW, you are more likely to grow. 



There are four main spiritual commitments important to you as a follower of Christ and  important to the health of our church family.  We have listed and briefly explained these below.  You may have already made some or all of these commitments or you may have not known about them until now.  Either way we encourage you to formulate your spiritual growth plan for this year around these four commitments.  As you plan, know that this is your plan before God.  You do not have to fill in all four areas; choosing even one or two will help you grow. 

1. Consecration

When we consecrate ourselves to the Lord, we declare His lordship over our lives.  We follow Paul’s urging in Romans 12:1 to “present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.”  Consecration is not a one time event, but occurs regularly as we submit more and more of our lives to Christ.

2. Celebration

Celebration is our worship of God – both privately and publicly. Every believer should be growing in his or her personal worship of God.  This occurs via intentionally seeking God in His Word and in prayer and then responding to Him in love, praise and obedience.  Similarly, in Hebrews 10:25, God calls Christians to meet together as a church family for public worship.  Here, we sing our love to God.  We pray our hearts to Him.  We give our tithes and  offerings and we listen to and apply God’s Word.  It is in worshiping together that our identity as a church is formed. 

3. Connection

When we trust Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become part of the family of God.  The Holy Spirit baptizes us into, or identifies us with, the body of Christ known as the Church.  The New Testament teaches that every Christian belongs to the Church.  It gives no evidence of an unchurched Christian.  Therefore, it is imperative that each one intentionally ‘connects’ with the local body of believers through a small group such as a Sunday School Class, a discipleship group, or the Wednesday Evening Ministries.

4. Commission

Jesus has entrusted all Christians with His mission.  He is building His Church and building His kingdom.  God has given each believer resources of time, talent and treasure.  He calls us to be responsible stewards of these. Investing one’s time in serving God’s people and mission brings glory to Him. Exercising one’s spiritual gift to strengthen the local church blesses the believer and the church. Giving financially through the ‘tithe’ (a tenth) and special offerings is an important expression of growing faith.  Jesus has sent us into our world with His gospel (Matt. 28:18-20). His “Great Commission” compels us to begin in our community (Jerusalem) and reach to the ends of the earth







Transformation in life happens through the COMMITMENTS we make and the HABITS we establish. At FBCH, we provide opportunities for commitment and life-changing encounters with God on Sunday morning, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings and other events. The habits we build enable us to live out our commitments and build on the changes that happen in our encounters with God.

The Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan

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