our history

A Brief History

Early 1867 – Eight believers organized the “Baptist Church of Christ at Bethlehem” located at 1 Cleveland Street.  They met in a small rectangular wooden structure with wooden shutters, no heating, and 12 inch board pews with no backs.


September 28, 1889 – The church name was changed to the “Baptist Church of Christ at Headland” to allow the group of believers at a new church a few miles east of Headland to use the name Bethlehem as their church name.


1893 – A new church building was completed on what is now known as East Church Street at the front of the present day cemetery.


February 3, 1906 – The church voted to incorporate as “The Headland Missionary Baptist Church of Headland, Ala.” and was officially recognized as a religious corporation on February 26, 1906.


1909 – The church constructed a third new church building which became the Chapel in 2007 upon completion of the new Worship Center.


1935, 1947 – Sunday School Annexes were added to the Chapel building.


1954 – The church name was changed to First Baptist Church.


December 10, 1969 – The church name was changed to “The First Baptist Church, Headland, Alabama”, and the name was officially recognized on December 31, 1969.


1959, 1961 – Additional facilities were constructed: Pastorium (1959) which is now church offices; and Educational Building (1961).


1989 – The Children’s Building was finished and the Television Ministry was initiated.


1991 – The ministries of the Child Development Center and Food Pantry started meeting needs in these areas.


1993 – The Church Counseling Ministry was  begun.


1995 – The Ministry Center was completed.


1996 – Ministry staff positions were realigned to meet the needs of the growing church family.


2007 – The newly constructed Worship Center was dedicated.

2017 - Celebrated our 150th Anniversary.



First Baptist Church exists to glorify God by Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.

Our one passion is the Glory of God. This passion compels us to pursue knowing Jesus more intimately and making Him known to others more fervently. Our mission field is the world - beginning first with our own beloved City of Headland. We desire to be a prevailing ministry which shapes our community and world for God's glory.